Taking In Lido Marina Village’s Iconic Ambiance

Vision Electric Boat Rental is located in the heart of the iconic Lido Marina Village, Newport Beach, CA.

Lido is one of the top tourist destinations in Orange County featuring 116,000 square feet of top-tier restaurants, boutique shops, and creative work spaces. This charming, and inviting, pedestrian friendly village sits at the entrance of the man made Lido Isle in Newport Beach, CA.

The beginnings of Lido Marina Village

Lido Marina Village’s inception began almost 50 years ago in the mid-1970s. Originally a hub for lavish parties attended by the rich and famous, including John Wayne and Robert Goulet, the village was home to Red Skeleton’s art gallery, Magic Island Club (which was similar to Hollywood’s Magic Castle), and Lido Books, a staple which still remains today (albeit, in a new location).

In the 90s, much of the village’s charm had been lost due to the closures of many of the shops and restaurants, and subsequently its tenants. By the late 90s, much of the village had seen a mass exodus. Occupancy fell below 30 percent and the once charming waterside village became an unattractive location to avoid.

A new era for Newport Beach

In 2013, the majority of Lido Marina Village was purchased by DJM Capital Partners, a private equity investment, development and asset management service within the real estate sector, to be given a complete overhaul, thus restoring the village back to its original glory day.

By late 2016, DJM had rebuilt Lido into a beautiful, playful, and immersive property to serve both locals and tourists. Nearly 6 years later, Lido thrives within the community seeing heavy foot traffic throughout the year. Millions of visitors come for the myriad of beloved boutique retail shops, upscale and casual dining options, and of course, the best electric boats on the harbor available for rent.

Vision Electric Boat Rentals compliments Lido’s quaint atmosphere

In May 2017, Vision Electric Boat Rental opened its doors in between the illustrious French bistro, Zinqué, and the world renowned sushi restaurant, Nobu, both of which offer outdoor seating to accommodate the waterfront views. home owned by 30+ year bear collector Marcy Cook, displays more than 4,000 huge stuffed bears looking out of the windows.

VEBR started with a small fleet of 6 boats, but has since expanded to 30 boats to meet the rampant customer demand. VEBR now finds itself engraved in the SoCal culture, having created its own community of boating enthusiasts through hourly rentals, loyalty programs, and its coveted boat club.

Whether before or after your boat ride, make sure to enjoy Lido’s large terrace, which overlooks VEBR’s colorful fleet and relaxing views of Newport Harbor. The transformative environment which displays fun and laid back summertime vibes all year round offers live music, flea markets, south baths, floral arrangement workshops, and more.

Nobu restaurant in Lido Marina Village, Newport, California

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