Vision Electric Boat Rental Aims to Keep the Waterways Clean

Newport Harbor is one of Southern California’s most unique, adventurous and joyous attractions. At more than 3 miles long, it’s filled with waterfront dining, boutique shopping, high end resorts, and fun activities.

One of the most sought after activities is renting an electric boat to see the scenic views, luxurious homes, and sometimes native species like dolphins and sea lions.

EBR has become engraved in Newport Beach’s culture for both locals and tourists

At Vision Electric Boat Rental (“EBR”), electric boating goes beyond creating exciting memories on the water.

We offer recreational boating enthusiasts and tourists a unique eco conscious activity to enjoy one of Southern California’s greatest treasures, Newport Harbor.

Helping Newport Harbor keep its waters clean is of great importance to us

EBR’s entire fleet presently consists of 30 eco friendly fully electric boats handcrafted by Vision Marine Technologies in its Montreal headquarters.

Each boat is designed to prevent pollution by omitting zero emissions , zero pollutants and exhibiting a noiseless environment, therefore creating an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to loud gas powered boats which produce harmful fumes. The noiseless motor also enhances the pleasant family friendly atmosphere in Newport Bay.

Each boat is powered by lithium-ion batteries, rather than lead acid batteries that Duffy and most other electric boating companies use. Lead is a heavy metal with potentially dangerous health impacts on marine life. Additionally, lead acid batteries can often leak acid and lead directly into waterways. This is not the case for lithium-ion batteries because lithium isn’t a toxic heavy metal. Furthermore, the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries is 2-3 times longer than lead acid batteries.

Preserving the aquatic ecosystem while cruising the waterways

Not many water and boating enthusiasts want to think about the impactful environmental drawbacks during their family outing, birthday party, or bachelorette party. Choosing Vision Electric Boat Rental, you don’t have to.

The EBR brand rings in a new era of green and clean boating that is mindful to its local and aquatic ecosystem.

EBR greatly values the global waterways and it is with great pride we can contribute to the fight against water pollution, one boat at a time, one location at a time.

In 2023, Vision Marine will see its first expansion into Dania Beach, Florida.

Seagull Landing on a Fantail 217 Riding in Balboa Bay, Vision Electric Boat Rental, Newport, California​

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